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  • Plastic Free July Challenge 2019

    Plastic Free July is homegrown movement turned global, challenging everyone to choose to refuse single-use plastic and go plastic free in July. This great cause aims is to raise awareness of of plastic waste issues and encourages plastic free lifestyle changes. This amazing movement is driven by the Plastic Free Foundation and now sees millions participating all over the world. 

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  • Review & Guide - Using Menstrual Cups

    You’ve probably heard about reusable menstrual cups and their eco and health benefits - but what are they exactly and are they right for you? Check out our quick guide on the what, why and how of menstrual cups. We like our periods with no strings attached, and we think you will too! View Post
  • Product Focus - Soapberries

    Soapberries, also commonly known as soapnuts, are the fruit of the Himalaya region Sapindus Mukorossi’ tree. They are nature’s hypo-allergenic soap, and are a zero waste, eco friendly alternative to chemical-ridden laundry products cased in plastic containers. 

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