Plastic Free July Challenge 2019

Join The Eco Shop in this year's Plastic Free July challenge!

Plastic Free July is an inspiring home grown global movement challenging people to choose to refuse single-use plastic and go plastic free in July. First started by a small group of Australians in 2011, the Plastic Free Foundation champions raising awareness of plastic waste issues and encourages people to change their behaviour around the consumption of plastic.

This July, the Eco Shop is getting behind this fantastic cause in a big way by tackling a new out of the cardboard box plastic free challenge every week. Laura and Christina have got their reusable coffee cups topped up and will be reporting back to you and HQ weekly with all the ups, downs and practical takeaways on how to easily add these plastic free swaps to your routine.

Our #plasticfreejuly challenges

In honour of Plastic Free July we’ve created our own hashtag! Follow #myecoshop on Instagram and Facebook to see our journey and share yours with us.

Laura’s Challenges

  1. Nappies
  2. Kids Snacks
  3. Time of the Month 
  4. Laundry Day
  5. Hair Masks

Christina’s Challenges

  1. Takeaway
  2. Cleaning Day
  3. Make-Up
  4. Coffee
  5. Picnics

Plastic waste is no small issue

Reducing plastic waste is a massive issue in Australia. Did you know?

Whether you're already living plastic free or you're just setting out on a more eco-friendly journey, why not join us in this year's Plastic Free July challenge and see how much single use plastic you can avoid this July. You never know, you may prefer your new found plastic-free ways! 

Next up 

Later this week we will share more of our Plastic Free July preparation with you, and we will also share our favourite reusable essentials to help you get prepared for the challenge.