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how to go plastic free

  • 10 Easy Tips For A Zero Waste Life

    Being 'zero waste' can be defined as sending no waste to landfill. This would mean reusing, composting and recycling absolutely everything that you ever use and buy, including all packaging. There are a number of easy changes you can make right away to significantly reduce your own single use waste.  Here are ten to get you started!  View Post
  • The Global Plastic Crisis

    Every bit of plastic ever made could technically still exist somewhere as plastic cannot biodegrade. It can break down into minuscule particles eventually travelling into our oceans and water systems, but it cannot be eliminated from the planet. View Post
  • Why We Need To Go Zero Waste

    Here are our 5 highest selling reusable products that will help you to live a more zero waste life. The definition of zero waste varies, but essentially it means sending no trash to landfill. In order to do this, you need to stock up on some essential  View Post