Reusable Produce Bags 8 Pack | Onya


The reusable produce bags from Onya are made from breathable mesh materials, and are an eco-friendly replacement for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags. The open nature of the mesh bags allows your produce to breathe which gives it a longer life and completely avoids sweating unlike plastic produce bags.


  • 8 produce bags.
  • Reusable and zero waste.
  • Crafted from special rPet fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. 
  • Use them to purchase and store your fruit, veggies and other loose produce.
  • Use them to wash your produce before putting them in the fridge.
  • Colourful holder pouch and clip included.
  • Small and very easy to transport.
  • Very light but deceptively strong, and can hold up to 2 kilos of produce and feature a gusset and drawstring tie.
  • Each bag weighs only 10 grams so they barely register on a scale.
  • See through mesh allowing shop assistants to know exactly what is inside your produce bag at a glance.
  • Easy to wash - simply use a cool water hand-wash or put in a cool, gentle cycle in the washing machine.