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Plastic-Free Dishwashing Bundle



Buy our plastic-free Dishwashing Bundle and save 5% on the full retail price! Or, subscribe to this bundle, save 10% and have your favourite products delivered direct to your door whenever you need them. This fabulous bundle includes a dishwashing soap bar, a dish scrubbing brush, and a compostable cloth. This is a fabulous gift set for your Earth-conscious friends and family, and also makes a great convenient set for you. 

The Plastic-Free Dishwashing Bundle Includes: 

Dish Soap Bar

The dishwashing soap bar from the Australian Natural Soap Company provides all the benefits of their bestselling natural soap flakes in a convenient soap block. This superb bar of natural plant oil goodness is all you need for plastic-free, toxin-free washing up and cleaning. Simply grate around a teaspoon of soap into warm water whilst stirring, and then wash dishes as normal in the soapy water. 

Dish Scrub

The EcoCoconut Dish Brush is biodegradable and highly durable, and is designed for multipurpose cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. Featuring sustainably-sourced coconut bristles and a wooden handle, this brush will last for ages and once you're done with it, simply pop the bristles and handle in your compost caddy and recycle the metal clip. This is such a great zero-waste solution, and works much better than harmful plastic-based sponges. 

Compostable Sponge Cloths

The compostable sponge cloths from RetroKitchen are made from cotton and cellulose, and they are machine washable, and designed to be used over and over again. They are 100% compostable so when you're done with them, simply pop them in the compost bin. They are a fabulous plastic-free and eco-friendly alternative to harmful microfibre cloths.


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