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Buy our Onya Eco Bundle and save 5% on the full retail price! Or subscribe to this bundle, save 10% and have your favourite products delivered direct to your door whenever you need them. This fabulous bundle includes 3 of our favourite Onya products, giving you an awesome convenient pack to compliment your eco-friendly lifestyle. The bundle includes 3 reusable items which are all made from recycled plastic bottles - a bread bag, a pack of produce bags, and a bulk food bag. This is a great gift set for yourself or for your eco-conscious friends and family.

The Onya Eco Bundle includes: 

Onya Produce Bags 

The reusable produce bags are made from breathable mesh materials, and are an eco-friendly replacement for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags. The open nature of the mesh bags allows your produce to breathe which gives it a longer life and completely avoids sweating unlike plastic produce bags. You get 8 in a pack, plus a handy pouch for transporting and storing your bags. 

Bulk Food Bag

The perfect companion for bulk food and zero waste shopping, the Reusable Bulk Food Bags are a fantastic option for buying packaging-free food. Easily build a plastic-free pantry by shopping at places where you can fill your own bags and containers, and take your goodies to decant at home. These bags are particularly great as they feature a viewing window so you can easily see what is inside, and they barely register on food scales. 

Reusable Bread Bag

The reusable bread bags are a fantastic alternative to disposable bags. Use your bread bag to transport and store new loaves and baked goods, and to store your homemade goodies. The retro-inspired bag is BPA free, food-safe, and 100% recyclable.


Please note the items may vary slightly compared to the image shown, depending on availability of stock.


My Eco Subscription

This product is available as an eco subscription. Save 10% on all of our subscription products to offset the cost of shipping, and have your favourite eco-friendly, zero-waste products delivered directly to your door, whenever you need them.