• Short Board, Big Wave | Earth & Ocean
  • Short Board, Big Wave | Earth & Ocean
Earth & Ocean

Short Board, Big Wave | Earth & Ocean


Bring the wonders of Earth & Ocean into your living space with this unique piece of art, handcrafted out of sustainable materials. Living on the coastline of South East Queensland, team Earth & Ocean are in awe of the natural beauty around them and are inspired to bring the wonders of Earth & Ocean into other people's living spaces. Each piece that they create is unique, and reflects one of the natural elements of our wonderful planet Earth. 

Handcrafted out of individual pieces of sustainably sourced timber and finished with ocean pour resin, this one of a kind piece is completely unique in concept, materials and execution.

As stock is super limited, if your order has to be made from scratch, we will advise of any delays. 


  • Handmade using natural & recycled products
  • Weight - approx. 2kg
  • Dimensions: (H) x 40cm (W) x 50cm (D) x 1.9cm
  • Materials used: Sustainably sourced timber – various, Epoxy Resin, Wood Stain

Earth & Ocean support the Australian Marine Life Conservation Society through monthly donations in addition to 1% of all revenue, so investing in one of their wonderful pieces will also support this fantastic cause. 

Please note: as all items are handmade and using natural & recycled products, there may be minor imperfections and these imperfections may not be visible in the photos.