• WRAPPA Vegan Food Wraps - Tasty Melons

Vegan Food Wraps - Tasty Melons | WRAPPA


WRAPPA Vegan Food Wraps - Tasty Melons

The reusable vegan food wraps from WRAPPA include 3 wraps per pack, and are a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative to plastic glad wrap, foil and sandwich bags. They are handcrafted in South Australia using 100% cotton, plant based wax (vegan friendly), tree resin and jojoba oil, these stunning food wraps are a must for every environmentally friendly household.


  • 3 wraps per pack. 
  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • Lasts over 12 months if cared for well.
  • To use, simply apply the warmth from your hands to soften the wraps just enough to allow them to stick.
  • Smell amazing - WRAPPA have worked very hard to get their wraps to still have that gorgeous natural smell to them, and the smell does not transfer to your food.
  • Three pack consists of 1 x 35cm (great for leftover dinner, large salad bowls or 1/2 a pumpkin) and 2 x 25cm squares (perfect for sandwiches, avocados or cut veg).
  • Wash by sponging under cool water and hanging to dry.
  • Do not expose to heat or hot water.